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Social Initiatives
कपट का आश्रय लेने से अंतःकरण मलिन होता है और सत्य का आश्रय लेने से अंतःकरण में सिंह जैसा बल आ जाता है। अतः कर्म में पुरुषार्थ और विवेक के साथ सच्चाई को सदैव साथ रखो।       
Social Initiative
 Nature Conservation   Diasporas & NRI's Welfare   Vishwaguru Ojaswi 
 SaiSudarshanam   Poverty Alleviation Programs   Bal Sanskar Kendra 
 Yuva Jagriti Abhiyan   Vyasan Mukti Abhiyan   Disaster Relief Programs 
 Dhyan Yog Shivir   Chal-Chikitsalayas 
Protecting Natural Surroundings

Pujya Saiji has laid special emphasis on the need for conservation & protection of natural surroundings. He has extreme fondness for nature bound destinations & his organisations work for purification of water bodies, soil conservation, animal protection, forest development.  An organisation called Van Sanrakshan Evam Vikas Sansthan works exclusively for the protection and development of forest and resources. The organisation also takes care of the fact that medicinal herbs are grown and discreetly used for the purpose of Ayurveda, so that this ancient science is maintained as per its standards.

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